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Characteristics and descriptions


  • Roll size: 2 m x 50 rm. m (100 sq m)
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Weight: 50 g / sq m, 80 g / m², 120 g / m², 200 g / m²
  • Application: soil reinforcement, separation of the layers of soil, filtration, drainage of subterranean and wastewater
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Additional information:

Geotextile thermobonded

Article Name Units Length Width Thickness Roll weight
8605-ТЧ Geotextile 50 g/sq m PE thermobonded 8605-ТH m2 50 m 2 m 0,4 mm 7 kg
8608-Т Geotextile 80 g/sq m PE thermobonded 8608-Т m2 м2 50 м 2 м 0,6 мм 8 кг
8612-Т Geotextile 120 g/sq m PE thermobonded 8612-Т m2 50 m 2 m 1,5 mm 12 kg
8620-Т Geotextile 200 g/sq m PE thermobonded 8620-Т m2 50 m 2 m 2,1 mm 20 kg

Nonwoven geotextile has a special structure that provides good filtering properties. Due to the optimal mix of its characteristics geotextile is widely used in the construction of roofs, foundations, drainage, land management, etc. in addition to traditional applications in road, drainage and erosion control structures.

The next basic functions of geotextiles as well as their connection are used while this: division, reinforcement, filtration and drainage.

The main properties of geotextiles

High modulus of elasticity, whereby the material may take significant loads and perform the function of reinforcement at relatively small deformations.

Large elongation at break: Depending on the type of geotextile material the relative elongation under the maximum load could be up to 45%. Thus, local damage does not lead to the destruction of the material and non-woven geotextile for drainage continues to perform its functions.

Universal filtering ability due to the specific structure of the material, making it virtually impossible to penetrate the soil particles into the pores of geotextileand their clogging. This allows you to provide persistent filtering quality of the material under pressure of the soil and in high vibration environments.

High resistance to tear and puncture, which is especially appreciated during installation.

Another important properties of the material are:
  • ease of installation: rolls of material are small and light, thereby reducing transportation and storage costs, as well as the cost of labor.
  • ease of processing: rolls of material can be sawn directly on the site by a chain or hand saw.
  • geotextile for drainage does not absorb water: when used in wet conditions, the weight of the rolls remains unchanged.
  • roots don't sprout through geotextile, it is resistant to natural acids and alkalis, as well as to insects, bacteria and mold.

We offer you to buy the best quality geotextile, easily, with delivery and convenient way to pay.

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