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Классы нагрузки. Класс A

A15 - Pedestrian areas, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, squares, yard improvement, individual construction.

Классы нагрузки. Класс B

B125 - Individual construction, private garages, gardens and parks, artificial landscape, private car parks.

Классы нагрузки. Класс C

C250 - Places with light traffic transport, road sides, parking lots, garages, car service.

Классы нагрузки. Класс D

D400 - stations, car washes, industrial areas, transport terminals, roads and autoenterprises.

Классы нагрузки. Класс E

E600 - Improvement of cities, airports, industrial companies, ports, gas stations, transport terminals and warehouses.

Классы нагрузки. Класс F

F900 - Airport runways, industrial areas, transport terminals, structures with extreme loads on the road surface.

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