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New terrain arrangement technologies from Standartpark

Standardpark company - manufacturer and supplier of surface drainage and outfall systems components. In assortment - drainage trays of different materials, geogrid, lawn and decorative grilles, shoe cleaning systems, auditing manholes and drains.

Drainage systems - one of the main activities of the company. We can solve the problem of removal of excess moisture from any territory: from individual private objects to large constructions of civil and industrial infrastructure facilities, including airports, football fields and highways.

12-year-old company's presence in the domestic market is the best indicator of the trust of satisfied customers. During this time, Standartpark has accumulated precious experience, has grown qualified specialists and established its own production of high-quality components for equipment of effective drainage system.

Standartpark mission is changing appearance of the cities, streets and yards with the help of well-established drainage systems. The company's credo - consistently high quality surface drainage and linear drainage system at an affordable price.

We offer:

  • broad line of European level quality products, including all kinds of spare parts for equipment of modern drainage system;
  • choice of manufacturing material: plastic, polymer concrete or concrete;
  • personal selection of system components, respectively to alleged load class for further territory exploitation ;
  • modern production technology;
  • best prices for drainage;
  • aesthetic appeal of equipped drainage system;
  • guaranteed delivery terms.

Components of drainage and outfall systems are selected according to the specifications provided by the customer. The entire range of products allows not only equip drainage or waste system, but also without any problems attach it to ready-made communications. The product range also includes a large number of decorative elements for territory planning.

Standartpark has the first certificate of conformity for its products in the country and values its reputation, so proud to leave the stigma of Standartpark trade mark on their drainage gratings.

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