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Molded flooring

Molded flooring
Molded flooring
  • Material: steel
Please contact with manager of the office to specify the price

Additional information:

This position is a customized, articles are formed on the specific dimensions made under order. You can checkout the order, calculate the cost and learn more about the possibilities of production from managers of your office.

Pressed lattice-type flooring is made from special bearing bars, which are connected by transverse stripes by molding (strong indentation of one band into another). On the surface lattices have corrosion protection, made by hot galvanizing according to the standard EN ISO 1461.

As for the areas of application, the molded grating is used in buildings with a lot of visitors for the elements of entrance, on bridges and sidewalks for pedestrians, coatings for pits, as well as the arrangement of areas at the ski lifts at ski resorts.

Diagram of main look of molded flooring:

  • Carrying bar height, h - 20-50 mm,
  • Carrying bar thickness c - 2-3 mm,
  • Maximum lattice length 2100 mm,
  • Maximum lattice width 1700 mm,
  • Step of carrying bar and connecting bars is a multiple of 11 (example - cells 11х33, 11х55, 33х33).

Standard products from the grating:

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