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Road stone

Paths stone "Medieval" belongs to a new type of unique paving, introduced for the first time on the market of Ukraine by Standartpark. The uniqueness of the road stone is both in technology of production, product properties and aesthetic features of stacking. Paving stone "Medieval" is made using the latest chemical and nano-additives, which in combination with the innovative technology of the American company "Spacestone" led to the physical and aesthetic properties of natural stone.

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Products list

Road stone Medieval I

  • Size: 128*128*60 (mm)
Please contact with manager of the office to specify the price

Road stone Medieval II

  • Size: 164*128*60 (mm)
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Road stone Medieval III

  • Size: 214*128*60 (mm)
Please contact with manager of the office to specify the price
More about paving stone
Main characteristics Important advantages
  • strength – 69 MPa (700kg/cm2);
  • water absorption – 0,01%;;
  • frost resistance – F 400;
  • abrasion – 0,32 g/cm2.
  • natural old stone simulation;
  • products of three size types;
  • repeatable seam while stone installation

Specifications of paving stone

Product has unique specifications:

  • Unprecedented performance for compressive strength 69 MPa (700 kg / cm2 - grade of concrete strength M700). For comparison, this is one and a half times higher than ГОСТ performance for concrete products used for the construction of runways at aerodromes.
  • Amazing density of the material - 2.48 t / m3 and water absorption, 0.01%, which is ten times higher than the ГОСТ requirements for water absorption of pavers (no more than 6%). These are characteristics the durability and frost resistance depend on.
  • The product does not lose its strength properties at temperatures below -50 ° C and can withstand at least 400 cycles of frost (frost index F400).
  • Stone abrasion is only 0,32 g/cm2, which is two times lower than the same performance of similar paving products.

For you, all of the above means that the stone will last much longer than any existing analogues. At the same time - no high background radiation, which is typical for natural stone (granite, basalt).

A special method of staining the stone in the manufacturing process allows achieving for exclusive identity of stone "Medieval" surface with the surface of the stone paving in the old streets. This in turn allows us to give a modern paving the effect of antiquity (ancient) and is an ideal solution for residential buildings and for use in urban planning, especially in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of historic areas, road stone.

* -comes mixed in 1 square meter - 16 pcs. each species

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